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On Friday’s Noteworthy post, I linked a “sneak peak” of today’s College Candid – a video created by Tom, a Marketing student at Hofstra University.  If you missed it, you can watch it here.  I thought it was really cool – you can actually see what it’s like to walk around the campus, go to a class, etc.  So, naturally, today’s College Candid features Tom!  Beyond this post, you can get to know Tom more through the following links.  He’s been absolutely great to work with, and I know would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about his experiences!

Tom blogs at ontomoftheworld.blog

He has two Instagram accounts: @tomfraher and @tiptomshape_ig

You can find him on Facebook here, and his Youtube Channel is here!

Can you give a brief intro to who you are?

I’m a full-time college student who loves to travel, dance, get involved as much as possible, and also find time to dedicate to my health and fitness.  On top of being a college student, I’m also a Beachbody Coach (#tiptomshape), blogger, and YouTuber.  Although I’m not the most experienced in either of those hobbies, I love the process of learning the ins and outs to being successful as a coach, writer, and public figure.

What’s something that could be a “fun fact” about your experience with Hofstra?

One fun fact I have about Hofstra is that I didn’t see the academic side of Hofstra’s campus until my first day of classes freshman year.  I grew up about a 15-minute drive from Hofstra.  Throughout my teenage years, I attended Hofstra football games (when there was a football team) and my high school’s football and lacrosse games were there when they made it to the playoffs.  Therefore, I only saw the football field.  I ended that streak when I had to find my first class of college.  To my surprise, it was (and still is) breathtaking.  The open quads, various plants, and intriguing architecture give Hofstra University such a welcoming vibe that not even a picture can justify.

Why did you choose to go to Hofstra?

Money.  I was between going to SUNY Binghamton and Hofstra a few days before I had to submit my deposit.  I wanted to go away to school my whole life, but after financial aid and scholarship money, Hofstra was the cheapest option.  Although I was hesitant to stay home and commute, I decided to go with it and see where that would take me.

What is one of your favorite things about Hofstra?

I love the peers I get to hang out with every day.  I’m constantly talking to other Hofstra students about how pretty campus is and how much I love the people that give Hofstra the vibe that it has.  Most people are laid back, genuine, and friendly.  There’s a sense of unity, especially during midterms and finals weeks.

Least favorite?

Currently, my least favorite thing about Hofstra is its location.  At first, I loved being a Long Island native at a Long Island school.  Freshman year, I got to show my friends (who were not from around here) I met the interesting and exciting features of the island that most people don’t know.  I never appreciated where I was from until I met people who weren’t from here.  Now that I’m a senior, I cannot wait to relocate.  I’m not sure where I want to go specifically, but I know I’m ready for a different lifestyle and a dynamic somewhere else.

What are some organizations you’ve been a part of?

Two organizations I’ve been a part of Danceworks Productions and Imani Dance Ensemble.

My lab partner freshman year was a dance minor and got me to go watch the Fall Danceworks show. I had an amazing time in the audience. Watching the professionalism of the students and the energy I felt throughout the show planted the idea that I wanted to be up there someday.  I joined the following semester but didn’t get into a piece.  I didn’t care and continued to participate in the philanthropy and social events.  This landed me the position for Publicity and Promotion.

I still wasn’t casted into a piece my second semester in the club, so I joined Imani Dance Ensemble to gain experience and practice.  It worked and from the semesters proceeding through now, I have been casted into various Danceworks pieces.  I proved to myself that hard work pays off in the long run and to never let rejection bring you down.  I wanted to further my leadership and set an example for every member, new and old.  Now I serve as the President of the largest student-run organization at Hofstra, Danceworks Productions.

Did you ever think about studying abroad?

I did think about it!  I travel every summer with a teacher from my high school through ACIS Educational Tours.  This inspired me to think about studying abroad.  However, I jumped into Danceworks and gained leadership roles starting my Sophomore year.  Because of this duty, I couldn’t spend a semester abroad.  I always felt like I wasn’t missing out because, although I wasn’t giving myself the opportunity to live in a foreign country for some time, I had the opportunity to travel regardless.

How would you describe Hoftstra’s location?

It’s okay!  It’s a 35-minute train ride from the city, a 20-minute drive from the beach, and a 15-minute drive from home.  There are always going to be pros and cons to every location.  It isn’t in the safest of neighborhoods, but Hofstra’s Public Safety does an excellent job at making me feel safe.

Switching to focus on your major, how and why did you decide to major in Marketing?

I chose Marketing as my major off of a whim.  I started Hofstra as a Psychology major while getting pre-requisites done for a Physician-Assistant Program.  After my first semester, I started questioning that life path.  During my second semester of college, I took a writing course that everyone at the university has to take.  It was the first time, from what I can remember, I was given the opportunity to write creatively.  I discovered my love for thinking to express, rather than to pass a test.  From that experience, I realized that I wanted to fulfil a creative career, but something analytic as well.  My best friend, Carissa, is a Music Business major at Columbia College Chicago and suggested I go into marketing.  I took her advice and here I am!

Can you give us an idea of how the Marketing program is structured?

The Marketing program is part of the Frank G. Zarb School of Business.  I personally think the program here is immensely beneficial to my education.  To fulfil my major, I have to take eight marketing classes, thirteen core business courses, nineteen liberal arts courses, and pass a writing proficiency exam.  Although they were annoying at times, I appreciate that Hofstra requires me to take courses in various scopes of education to fulfill my Bachelors of Business Administration with a major in Marketing.  I was able to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life because of the variety of courses I had to take.

What courses have you liked and disliked?

My favorite class at Hofstra that I have ever taken was Electronic Marketing.  This class influenced me to fulfil a career through the use of social medias.  At the moment, I’m a Beachbody Coach and a RECESS Ambassador; both are social media network marketing jobs.  If it wasn’t for Electronic Marketing, I don’t think I would be pursuing a career as a network marketer/blogger/vlogger.

I hated Intermediate Business Analytics.  The information was kind of interesting, but the professor was awful.  He barely taught how to do anything (he just did examples on the board) and would yell at his students for not knowing how to do certain problems.  This was the only professor at Hofstra that I disliked, and that’s saying a lot after I have had roughly thirty-five professors throughout my time here thus far.

When do you graduate, and do you have any plans for after that?

If everything goes as planned, I will graduate in May 2018!  Like I discussed before, my only plans for post-grad is to get out of New York.  I have been thinking about moving to Boulder, CO, or somewhere out West.  I will most likely continue Beachbody Coaching and continue to work on branding myself.  That’s all I’ve really got so far, but I’m confident that Hofstra has prepared me to be successful no matter what I decide to do.

How well do you feel like the Marketing program at Hofstra has helped you with your future career?

1,000%!  I have learned so much about the business world, especially in terms of marketing.  This has helped me brand myself as my own business so that I can virtually create my own career.  Business is the way the world runs, regardless of if you work for a large corporation or simply run a lifestyle blog.  As long as I have enough money to sustain myself, travel often, and be happy, I’ll consider myself successful.  Hofstra has built my confidence as a personal entrepreneur which has pointed me in the right direction.

That’s all for this post, but feel free to contact me (or Tom directly through the links in the beginning of the post) if you have any questions about Hofstra or Marketing, or both!

Interested in sharing your college story in a College Candid?  Send me an email at JessicaAckley7@gmail.com with your university and major!

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