Easy & Inexpensive Fall Decorating

Yesterday really felt like fall.  It was chilly, it was rainy, and I wore my favorite gray trench coat.  It was amazing.

To celebrate, I wanted to post about how I do easy and inexpensive fall decorating.  Why?  Because it is easy to accidentally spend a ton of money on decorations you can only use for a month out of the year.  However, most people can’t do that on a college budget, so I wanted to show how I maximized using less than $15 to decorate my living room and kitchen.

Before I start on my tips, I wanted to share a cute, fall wallpaper I drew last year.  It’s something I drew with a quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby.  It’s one of my favorite fall quotes, but I’m sure I’ll make a few more before the season is up.  If you have any requests for quotes or drawings, let me know!  I’m no artist, but I love to draw little things like this regardless.  Click on the image to get to the file below to get the image in the perfect size for the iPhone lock screen.

Now for the decorations!  I’ll tell you exactly where I bought them and approximately how much they cost.


Giant eyes for a monster door: $1 @ Dollar Tree

These monster eyes are hilarious, and they glow in the dark!  They’re literally just eyes though, so make sure and use a safe adhesive wherever you hang them up.


Haunted House Halloween Towel: $1 @ Dollar Tree

Fair warning: this is cute but it’s a terrible towel.  It’s too soft and I hate using it.  So I probably wouldn’t recommend buying it, even for a dollar.  While I like cheap things, I also like useful things.  The struggle. *sigh*


Jack-O-Lantern: Free from my grandma!

I have no idea where my grandma got this or if she made it at some point (she’s really crafty).  However, it leads me to say: I would really recommend asking family for old decorations!  They’re free and sometimes you get gems like this.  I know in my grandparents’ houses decorations seem to just pile up. over time.

Mini pumpkins: 5 for about $3 at Walmart

My boyfriend’s mom actually bought the mini pumpkins for me, and they were so cute!  I was so happy!  They’re perfect for fall decorating as well as fall crafts!  I’m hoping to paint Hogwarts scarves on them at some point.

Spider Web Tray: $1 @ Dollar Tree

And we’re back to Dollar Tree!  Seriously though.  If you’re throwing a party and need food trays, or any kind of plates, napkins, or silverware, go to Dollar Tree.  It’s the best place to buy things like that because, well, everything’s a dollar.

Pillsbury Shape Pumpkin Sugar Cookies: $2.50 @ Walmart

I look forward to October every year because from then until the end of December, I can pick up Pillsbury Shape Cookies!  They’re cheap, taste good, cute, and make me happy.


Better Homes & Gardens- Pumpkin Cookie Candle: $4.44 @ Walmart

Will I probably still buy expensive candles at Bath & Body Works occasionally?  Yes.  But.  For a little over $4, Walmart sells pretty great candles.  My absolute favorite BH&G scent is Pumpkin Spice, but I decided to try this because it was a new scent this year.  Anyway, they’re also aesthetically pleasing, so they’re nice to just leave in the middle of a table or on the counter.


Hopefully some of these ideas inspire you to check out Walmart, Dollar Tree, and a family member’s basement!  I’ll be doing the same thing (but on a much larger scale) for Christmas, and I’m already excited for it.  If you have any other easy and inexpensive fall decorating ideas for college students, comment below!







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