How To Have A Productive Sunday

Hello and congratulations on making it through another week!  It’s Saturday!  But Saturday isn’t the focus of today’s post.  Today is all about tomorrow.  Sunday.  I am a firm believer that a Sunday can make or break a week.  When I have a productive Sunday, my week is infinitely better than when I don’t.  And trust me, there are unfortunately more weeks when I don’t than when I do.  If you don’t already have a Sunday plan, try a few of these tips tomorrow and let me know what you think!  Good or bad, I’d love your feedback!

Set a late alarm

Naturally, when I go to bed late on Saturday night, I’ll end up sleeping in decently late.  Then I’ll spend all of Sunday wishing I had more time.  How do I combat this? I’ll set an alarm for 10 or 10:30.  This doesn’t seem like a huge difference because it’s not super early, but it really does have an impact;  I’ve found that productive Sunday mornings are crucial to having an overall productive Sunday.  It makes me get up and get a few things done before my body naturally starts to think about lunch, and if I eat lunch before I start to get things done, I feel like half of my day is gone.

Start the laundry, then clean your room

I have made the mistake of cleaning my room before putting in laundry dozens of times, but it really just isn’t efficient.  It’s much better to just find my laundry, put a load in the wash, and then go back and clean my room while the first load is in.  By the time the first load needs put in the dryer, my room is clean and I’ve probably started on homework or blogging.

Bonus: Actually do all of the laundry

Laundry is one of my least favorite “cleaning things” to do, so sometimes I find myself making excuses and doing only the loads I need, like just my workout clothes.  Then I regret it a few days later when my favorite sweater isn’t clean.  This is something I’ve been working on since my freshman year of college, and still, unfortunately, haven’t mastered.  *sigh*

Start on homework, blog posts, etc. at home

I think it’s important to start off my Sundays at home because it’s one of the few days that I’m not at work, in class, or at the library in the early afternoon.  You probably pay a decent amount of money to live where you rent.  You should enjoy it for more than sleeping and eating.  So I like to start off with doing a few blog posts, reading some required books, and doing assignments in my room or at the kitchen table.  It helps me to appreciate where I live, which isn’t always easy to do on a busy college schedule.

Break up homework with more cleaning!

This always helps me enjoy my Sunday more.  I’m not spending the entire day with my textbooks, and it lets me start the week with a clean house.  A couple of tips to make cleaning a little more enjoyable:

  • Bake cookies!  I recommend the refrigerated packages – otherwise I spend too much time making the dough.
  • Light candles.  Walmart has the best candles because they’re like $5 and they last forever and smell amazing.
  • Play music!
  • Open the blinds.  Natural light has a soothing effect and makes cleaning more stressful.

Make a list and go to the store

If I don’t go to the store on Sunday, I tend to feel lost.  Almost as lost as when I go to the store without a list.  So, do both!  But do it after cleaning, laundry, and homework – that way you don’t feel stressed, rushed, or overwhelmed.

Organize Your Planner

This is one of the last things I do on Sunday because it’s something I look forward to the most. It also helps me go to bed on Sunday night with peace of mind, knowing I really am ready for the week.  I write in my work schedule, record how much money I spent in the week, and figure out what exams I should be studying for.

I hope these are helpful and help you have a more productive Sunday!






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  1. I love this because Sunday has seriously become my favorite day of the week. It’s my day to really relax and recharge for the week ahead, but also to be productive around the house & set up my planner like you mentioned. I also like your tips on making cleaning more enjoyable. I definately need to bake some cookies haha

    Dee //

    1. It’s become mine too! I used to dread it because it meant that the week was about to start, but that’s changed so much now that I’ve been trying to make the most of them. I definitely recommend the cookies – plus, then you have cookies to come home to on Monday after going back to work! Haha

  2. I love that you mention to actually do all the laundry XD I’m terrible about leaving everything in the dryer, and then panicking during the week when I realize the clothes I need are all wrinkly.

  3. This sounds like the MOST productive Sunday! I love your method of breaking tasks up – I find it rewarding to say I’ve done several different things already than just a whole lot of one thing. After all, a Sunday well spent brings a week of content!

    1. That’s so true, Madison! I’ve never thought about it like that but you’re right – being able to say I cleaned the kitchen, did laundry, and got through one homework assignment feels much better than just saying I did homework all day.

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