Noteworthy #4

I can’t believe two weeks from yesterday is Thanksgiving!  That also means I graduate in a little over a month, which is also crazy to think about (especially since I’ve been putting off my piano proficiency exam…).  Anyway, here’s this week’s Noteworthy post!

1. In the kitchen

I have a few wine glasses sitting in my kitchen cupboards, but one of my favorite go-to ones is this pineapple one, which I featured on Instagram a while ago.  My roommate actually got it for me for my birthday!

My other favorite is this Swig one, which my boss got me, also for my birthday.  It’s great because it keeps my wine nice and cold.  I also posted a photo of this one on Instagram earlier this week!

2. In fashion

As you may remember from last week, I decided to do one holiday themed Noteworthy point up until Christmas.  So!  This week?  My new and amazing Reindeer pants by Hello Mello!  I’m obsessed with them – they are incredibly soft, cute, and fun.  My best friend got these with little hot cocoa mugs on them, which I may splurge on once this credit card cycle is over.

3. In the news

This past summer, I read Trevor Noah’s book Born a Crime, and I recommend it to anyone who even thinks they might enjoy reading an autobiography.  Ever since then, I occasionally will watch the Daily Show, and this week Trevor’s segment In Other News made me laugh.  It featured Osama Bin Laden’s Internet history and President Obama’s newest way of serving his country.

4. In music

The big day is here!  I downloaded Taylor Swift’s new album Reputation last night.  I’m sure I’ll be posting some of my favorite lines as Instagram captions and on next week’s Wednesday Wallpapers!

5. In blogging

I found Bria’s blog, Tendril Wild, this evening, and am so glad I did!  I loved this post full of her tips on using Instagram as a blogger.  I’ll definitely be taking a few of them to heart.


I hope you all have a great weekend!  As always, if you’d like to share your college experience through a College Candid, send me an email at!  I’d love to hear about and share your story.

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